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Careers with The Distillery

The Distillery believe in recruiting,
training and retaining the best.

As an award-winning, full-service agency of artists, designers, craftspeople and consultants, at The Distillery we don’t just dream up the big ideas, we bring them into the world with our own hands too.

Our mission is to spread the love of creativity around the world – and we can only do this by building a team of passionate, like-minded creative leaders.

With world class training and support from our headquarters in Sydney, Australia, there’s no better place to invest in the next phase of your career.

Browse our current employment opportunities, and learn more about our values and culture.

Employment Opportunities

Letterpress Printmaker

Hands-on & rare opportunity to learn about letterpress printing, and be paid a wage. You would join a highly driven team of young, like-minded professionals who care about good design, and have an eye for the future by respecting the past.



Experienced-intermediate level, full-time position for stationery lovers with 2+ years full-time creative marketing experience. Consultants are the account and service specialists of The Distillery.


Senior Designer

Exciting, career-defining opportunities for established graphic designers with 4+ years full-time commercial experience. Help strengthen, grow and lead one of Asia Pacific’s leading emerging creative agencies.


Student Internship Programs

Letterpress Production – Internship

Letterpress production opportunities, for students currently completing tertiary studies in design and printmaking.


Learn more about The Distillery’s Values…

See, Feel and Experience Design

At The Distillery, our creative ethos is to craft effective design which can seen, felt and experienced.

We believe that creativity is a unique and imaginative human connection. A connection which inspires trust and consideration.


The best ideas – outside a screen

As creative professionals, we’re most excited and inspired by the ideas which make a real-world impact.

Digital methods are effective tools best leveraged with tactile and engaging touch-points; Crafted to forge lasting connections.

Heritage soul with modern minds

We specialise in positioning our clients in effective ways, often commercially, but always with soul and meaning.

Through authenticity we seek to build trust. With an open and progressive mind, we’re inspired to learn about our past and explore exciting possibilities for our futures.