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About The Distillery

From Kemang, Jakarta, The Distillery design and craft
Asia’s finest wedding and business stationery.

The Distillery is spreading the love of letterpress stationery into Indonesia.

With our origins from Sydney, Australia, The Distillery design and craft Asia’s finest wedding and business stationery from our studio in downtown Kemang, Jakarta.

Visit us: Jalan Taman Kemang 14-C, Jakarta Selatan


Indonesia’s Letterpress Specialists

The beauty of letterpress is driven by our human curiosity to rediscover the authenticity of understated elegance.

Bespoke and crafted with care, each letterpress print offers a soft and fluffy gorgeous cotton touch. The result is a one-of-a-kind celebration on paper, which simply cannot be replicated by any other production method.



As a creative agency, The Distillery is an award winning design, typography and illustration studio. Driven by heritage soul and modern minds, we’re obsessed with achieving joint creative and commercial objectives by intertwining the best of the old with new ideas.

As a production studio, The Distillery is one of the world’s leading modern letterpress practices. We have a mission to preserve and spread the love of letterpress around the world.  In Jakarta we offer letterpress printing, foiling, and specialty production services to individuals, couples, and organisations who love paper and tangible beauty.

We excel at designing our own, and also printing your-designed personal and corporate stationery, business cards, wedding and event invitations, coasters, tags, specialty packaging and prints.

Our studio in Kemang is equipped to offer the finest design and commercial letterpress services. We’re open to the public by appointment, so please come and visit usWe’d love to meet you, learn more about your ideas, and help you create something very special.


Meet the makers

At The Distillery, helping you express your wedding day is our passion.

Meet some of our team involved in the creative process.



Ben is our studio Dad, providing knowledge and wisdom on every little tidbit of information; from pop culture, film and music to obscure parts, functions and tricks of the printing press.

Favourite pastime: Partying
Pantone Colour of choice: Black 6
Party trick: Juggling



Julian studied design at UWS, and has worked as an illustrator, digital and print designer both in Sydney and London. Jules loves getting his hands dirty and tackles each project with zen-like patience.

Favourite pastime: Listening to music while I draw
Pantone Colour of choice: PMS 1463 otherwise known as Tangerine Tango, I mainly like this colour for its name.
Party trick:  I once lit a girl’s cigarette by striking a match stick on a glass window. It was pretty smooth.


Managing Director

The Distillery is led by our Director Nathan. Founding our studio in early 2011, Nathan has a loves the thrill of turning creative ideas into tangible reality, and marvelling at the mechanics of old printing presses.

Favourite pastime: Partying
Pantone Colour of choice: Black 6
Party trick: Juggling

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