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1. Consider wedding styling options

Browse Instagram, Pinterest and magazines for your favourite wedding styling ideas. Collect images which inspire you, and then reflect and consider your own unique expressions. It will be a beautiful evolving journey, which all comes together for the big day.

With a well considered wedding stationery suite, you’ll have the opportunity to introduce to your guests the style, tone and atmosphere of your wedding day.



2. Meet with The Distillery

We’d love to meet you, learn more about your ideas, and help you create something special.

You’re invited to visit The Distillery in Kemang, South Jakarta where you can browse samples, find your favourite designs, and customise a package perfect for your wedding plans.

Make it a date with your partner – there’s lovely cafes, restaurants and bars nearby. We’re also open evenings and Saturdays by appointment; call +6221 2952 9048.


3. Design

Select your favourite suite from the Celebrations Studio Collections; beautifully designed by our graphic artists to suit a range of wedding styles including: Classic, Vintage, Floral, Contemporary, Typographic, Destination, and more.

Customise your wording, colours and style. You will receive a digital preview of your stationery pieces before printing.


1 week
included with the Celebrations and Deluxe packages


4. Printing & Production

Printmakers at The Distillery will begin the production process. We also invite you to visit our studio in Kemang and watch your stationery being carefully crafted.

2-3 weeks50% deposit paid


5. Completion

Each piece of your finished stationery is carefully checked and packaged. You will receive a phone call to advise your wedding stationery is ready for collection or delivery.

50% final payment