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Prints & Posters

Printmaking at its finest.

From A2 posters to A6 prints, letterpress is traditional printmaking at its finest. Artwork never looked better on fine cotton papers.

Letterpress printing brings together beautiful vibrant colours, with tactile impression into the page.


Art is what you can get away with.

Art that belongs in a home or gallery wall. Be it typography, detailed illustration, abstract shapes and halftone imagery, letterpress posters and prints are high impact and long lasting. Bring your own unique creation, or have a bespoke piece, crafted by artists, designers and illustrators of The Distillery.

Produced by artists and printmakers.

Each print is produced by The Distillery’s highly skilled printmakers, with the utmost care. Inks are mixed by hand and carefully matched to the Pantone matching system. Each piece is then hand-cranked, one colour at a time, through our 1960’s Korrex proofing press. Your artwork, brought to life by hand.

The finest paper

Sourced from paper mills around the world, The Distillery are proud to present an exciting range.


Lettra is the premium choice for posters and prints. Produced by American paper mill Crane & Co, Lettra is tree-free, and made from 100% cotton fibres, recovered from fine textile manufacturing. These fibres are naturally long. and elegantly blend into a subtle grain to form a luxuriously smooth look, and distinct soft and fluffy finish. Colours: Pearl and fluorescent. Weight: 300gsm is a perfect weight for impressive posters and prints.


Vibrant combinations of colour and ink


Mixed by hand and Pantone® colour-matched to perfection, Van Son rubber based inks display vibrant colour strength, excellent consistency, and ultimate suitability with letterpress papers.

Foil Stamping

From offering a subtle elegance, to bursting a flashy wow-factor, foiling is the specialty finish for posters and prints which aim to intrigue. Perfect for extra shine, or to create striking contrast on darker coloured stocks.



Foil stamping enhances the print with shine and stunning impact. Available in tones of golds, silvers, white and selected colours.


Crafted in Kemang, Jakarta

The Distillery is Australia’s largest letterpress studio, and we take pride in sharing our passion for craft. We opened our first branch in Jakarta, Indonesia since 2014 to spread the love of letterpress to South East Asia. As a team of local artists, designers and craftspeople who thrive on personal service, we don’t just dream up beautiful stationery ideas, we bring them into the world with our own hands too.

You’re invited to visit us in Kemang, and if you wish, watch the first pull of your stationery. There’s no better way to experience the process, than seeing your business cards hot off the press.

Stationery Sets

Quality involves an investment of craft, time and care, and this means we are best positioned to assist projects which have resources to support this. With our standard service your invitations will usually be ready for collection on average within 10-20 working days and often sooner.

We find that our projects tend to work best when we can meet in person, chat and carefully consider your needs. We’re located at Jalan Taman Kemang No.14C, Jakarta Selatan, and please call to make an appointment: +6221 2952 9048.